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Why ESD?

When you incorporate electronic components or boards into your products, EDS damage can have a direct impact on company’s reputation and profits. That is because electrostatic damage directly affects the quality and reliability of products. However, for a small investment in time, manpower, and equipment, you can virtually eliminate ESD-caused problems. The tangible benefits include:

Higher Manufacturing Yields

Less Rework and inventory

Cost Reduction

Fewer field failures and warranty calls

Increased Product Reliability

More repeat business resulting in greater profits

Electrostatic discharge is the transfer of electrostatic charges between bodies at different potential caused by direct contact or through induced electrostatic field. This definition includes a discharge from the human body into the air and also a discharge to the ground.

When you feel a static shock, you experience a minimum of 3000 volts of electricity. This shock is known as Electro static discharge. Static Discharge can cause the damage and failure of electronic components. With IC’s of supply voltages of 5V and less are measured in fractions of a micron and when this gets unnoticed can destroy a chip. All of these have to be prevented for smooth functioning.

We First-B providing ESD control solutions and have an extensive experience in controlling static discharge through various products and solutions. There is a standard procedure we follow while interacting with the customer to provide best resolution for ESD complications – We do Planning, Implementation and Perceive. These three steps ensure that the ESD problems in the facility are addressed adequately.

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